Saturday, June 25, 2011

REVIEW: Coolattas at Dunkin' Donuts


We were out and about one Saturday afternoon and decided to stop for donuts. While we were inside ordering, we noticed a sign advertising these coolatta drinks. My husband decided to get the Mt. Dew Coolatta.


At first, I wasn't going to get one. But, I eventually decided to get the Tropicana Coolatta.


These beverages are nothing more than a flavored slushie. I first tasted the Tropicana one. It was absolutely wonderful. It really tasted just like a frozen orange juice. I then tasted the Mt Dew. It tasted nothing like a Mt. Dew. Well, it actually tasted like a flat Diet Mt Dew.

I definitely recommend the Tropicana Coolatta. I actually went back the next day to get another one. I cannot recommend the Mt Dew Coolatta. I did not like it at all.

These drinks come in 3 sizes - Small (16 fl oz), Medium (24 fl oz) and Large (32 fl oz).

Anybody else try these?